Get Rid Of Knots and Leaks – Use Magnetic Water Balloon

Get Rid Of Knots and Leaks – Use Magnetic Water Balloon

Water balloon fight using traditional balloons demands effort and sufficient time. This is because you first need to open the balloon opening with your hand and wait for the balloon to fill it. Later you need to close the mouth by tying a knot or using a threaded piece. Tying a knot is difficult for beginners.

You don’t need to worry; utilizing the magnetic water balloon can avoid all the negative effects. You don’t need extra effort and time to use these balloons. You can focus more on your playing activity. Another good thing about this balloon is that it will not leak because of the durable and latex-free silicone material. Sounds great? Keep reading and uncover facts!

What Do You Mean By Magnetic Water Balloon?

The magnetic water balloon comprises the opening containing magnets throughout. The interests facilitate the automatic closing and opening of these balloons. You don’t need the skill of tying a knot or a piece of thread to close these balloons. Using three simple steps, you can get the most out of these balloons:

  • Take a container having water inside. Now put the magnetic water balloon inside the container by keeping it open.
  • The water moves inside the balloon, and the balloon features self-sealing.
  • After this, you must take out the balloon and start playing.

Benefits of Magnetic Water Balloons

Multiple benefits associated with the magnetic water balloon get highlights on the key benefits such as:

High Flexibility

The magnetic water balloon is highly flexible. It contributes to the softness and comfortability of the balloon. You don’t need to worry about harming anyone in balloon fights. Rather it adds up to the fun and joy indirectly. Regardless of the impact or force with which you throw this balloon to playing mates. They remain safe. Apart from this holding the balloon does not feel harsh on your hands.

Zero Toxicity

The magnetic balloons feature the use of latex-free silicone. Many people can experience allergies and rashes because of the latex material. The latex-free design makes the magnetic balloons negligibly toxic. It is free from harmful chemical agents. This feature contributes to the higher level of safety of these balloons. Even the children of 3 years can play with these balloons.


In traditional balloons, the odour of the balloons is what makes many hate these balloons. Unlike most of the rubber, materials have an unpleasant odor. But when it comes to magnetic balloons, you will not feel any odour or foul smell. This makes anyone keep on playing without any hindrance. A magnetic water balloon does not contain the phthalates or BPA.

No Burst Without Impact

Playing with the magnetic water balloon is remarkable. You don’t need to fear the leakage. This is because of the tight magnetic grip. It is vital to hold the water inside without making a single drop come out. At the same time, traditional water balloons have a thin layer that can burst with coming into contact with a pointed object. This renders the balloon useless. This is not the case with the silicone water balloons.