How to Build a Highlight Bob Wig from Human Hair

How to Build a Highlight Bob Wig from Human Hair

Seeing a highlight bob wig is attractive, and many want it immediately. However, it can be surprising to notice that you can make the wig yourself. Here, we will explain how to make a Highlight for Bob Wig.

Dye the Human hair to the highlight color

You have two options of hair to choose from when you want to build a Wig. You can select either synthetic hair or human hair. Human hair is made from real humans, while synthetic hair comes from nylons and other Artificial materials. Human hair may cost a lot more than synthetic hair, but you will use it for a more extended period. After buying the Human hair, the next step you want to take is to Dye the hair. Depending on the Highlight color you are looking at, all you need is to buy the Dye and a developer. That way, you will get a better way to arrange the hair.

Purchase all necessary materials

You can not suddenly make a Bob Wig out of nothing. You will need some materials to make your work accurate, easier, and faster. You can buy these materials permanently if you will be making a lot of wigs. However, you can borrow these materials. Some of the materials include a measuring tape, scissors, needle and thread, and the mannequin.

Get your head size

The head size you are making the wig for is crucial to the kind of wig you will be making. You need first to get the size of your head if you are making it for yourself or anyone else. That head size is what will guide you in making a wig that will fit perfectly.

Put your mannequin in a position for work

You will be making this wig on the head of a mannequin for the meantime. That mannequin needs to be in a position that you will be most comfortable to work with throughout the process. It is not exactly easy to have a mannequin that you will be moving around through the process.

Put the wig cap on your mannequin

Your wig cap is the foundation for the short wig and other wigs. As such, you need to put it behind the wig, which is at the top of the mannequin. After you have fixed that, you can get to work with your needle and thread. Remember to choose where you want to start sewing and push in that same direction. Remember to give it your required style while you are sewing in.


Highlight Bob wigs are some of the most common wig options in our world today. From the shortness of the wig, to the light color, these wigs tend to give you a new look with immediate effect. We have gone over how you can change your look with the Highlight Bob wigs you can make for yourself. If you have no idea about making wigs or doing anything close to it, you may want to give an expert. Making the wigs on your own with no prior experience will mean that you want to damage the Human hair you bought. What you can do is hire an expert while you watch them fix the Wig.