Story of the novel

Story of the novel "alpha asher and the hunter's daughter."

The story includes the interaction of alpha asher and Anna, who is the daughter of a hunter. Anna spent a life full of pain and trouble as her mother passed away and her father became an abuser. However, Asher belongs to a happy family and is searching for a mate. They both happen to meet in a school. Anna is highly introverted and avoids interaction; however, Asher's wolf smells her as his mate. Following is a summary of the initial chapters, and for the full story, you should follow the novel written by "Faithuba."

Chapter 1:

Anna blames herself for her mother's death and frequently recollects the whole story. This haunts her and has made her life miserable. Six years ago, when Anna was 12 years old, her family migrated to another area because of her father's job transfer. On their way to another place, they met an accident due to heavy rain. Her mother flew out of the car because she wasn't wearing a seatbelt while helping Anna to wear her belt.

Anna tries to get up earlier and leave before her father gets up to escape a beating. Her father became an alcoholic and an abuser after the death of his beloved wife. He couldn't focus on his job and was left devastated. Anna gets up early, checks the fridge and finds out that there is no more beer left. This terrifies her as she thinks she will get a beating from her father because of the shortage of wine. So, she prepares breakfast, takes a shower, wears her hideous hoody, and quickly leaves for school. She runs for about 10 minutes to move as far from the house as possible and then catches the bus.

Chapter 2:

Asher, an alpha, has been searching for a mate for two years. He decides to change his school in search of a mate, and his father is confident that he will succeed this time. Asher has a happy family with a good frankness level. They live together, share food and gossip. On his first day at the new college, his wolf smells a sweet scent of a girl and tells Alpha that this is his mate.

Chapter 3:

Alpha Asher attends the first class, where he sees his mate for the first time. Other girls waive at him to give him a seat, but he avoids extra interaction. He gets a chair with her mate, who is wearing a hideous black hoody, barely unveiling her face.

Other girls keep approaching him during lunch due to his gorgeous body and face cuts. At the same time, he is only searching for his mate, who is called a freak and loner by other fellows. Asher stays away from other girls and takes advantage of their offers by asking for Anna's location. She is sitting in the garden alone, busy writing or drawing anything regardless of the happenings in the surrounding. He approaches her and asks for permission to join her.