Why Should You Choose A handheld shower hose

Why Should You Choose A handheld shower hose

Having a hand held shower hose for bathtub is not the most popular reason for many people. However, there are a lot of advantages attached to this unpopular option of shower hose. In this guide, we will go over some reasons to choose the handheld shower in your bathroom.

It is easy to install

The number one reason an expert will recommend you to use the hand held shower is its ease of installation. You may believe that is a lazy act on the side of the expert. While it looks that way, it is also of great advantage to you. When you have a hand held shower hose, you can easily install it on the water supply. This means the expert will not do much work when they install. It also means you may not need to call an expert before you replace the shower hose when it damages. So you save money on any further installation costs.

It is straightforward to use

It may sound surprising to you. But some showers are utterly confusing to use. However, no matter how confusing the handheld hose can be, you will always find your way around it. All you need is to study the hose for a short while, and you will most likely understand how to use it.

It is easy to reach your body’s blind areas

In our opinion, we believe that this is the highest and most important advantage of using a handheld shower. You can target the areas that you will not precisely reach with enough water. For instance, in a case where you are washing the parts of your body which are not easy to wash, you will have to direct the water with your hands to those spots with the regular shower heads. However, with the handheld shower, you can easily direct your shower to that point.

It is easy to change

As mentioned earlier in this guide, changing the shower head of a handheld shower is effortless. Of course, changing virtually any shower head is very easy. However, with the handheld shower is easier because you do not need to stretch to fix anything. The shower head is already at your hand level, so you work with it efficiently. That makes it a lot easier to fix without any hassle.


Hope that this guide has given you some reasons to see the handheld showerhead in a different light. There are many advantages of using a handheld shower, such as its ease of installation and use. It is also effortless to change if need be. Most importantly, it gives you the advantage of reaching all your body's blind spots with great ease. Choose the handheld showerhead for your next bathroom project, and you will not regret it.